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Product 6 - Carry Tray

    1. CARRY DRINKS WITH A SINGLE HAND | Unlike traditional 2 handed serving trays, the Tipsi Tray can be carried with a single hand allowing you to carry up the 9 drinks while holding a bannister, opening a door, using a walking cane and staying safer while doing so. Everyone can benefit fro the Tipsi Tray particularly older people, disabled people or those who work in bars, restaurants and the hospitality industry.
    2. GRAVITY BALANCE DESIGN | An overhauled design of the traditional turkish tea tray, the Tipsi Tray is held from above allowing drinks and food to swing beneath.The swinging motion of the tray counteracts the sloshing or movement of items on the tray keeping them completely balanced.
    3. SUPER SAFE AND STABLE | Unlike cheaper plastic serving trays, Tipsi Tray by design is extremely strong with a food grade stainless steel construction, which means, the Tipsi Tray will last a lifetime. Leaving you satisfied with a life-long purchase designed and made to last.
    4. REMOVABLE HANDLE | The only serving tray in the world with a single handle, Tipsi Tray has a fully collapsible design, removable handle and separate tray which allows you to store it away easily and to put the tray in the dishwasher. As easy as placing a plate in the dishwasher Tipsi Tray will make your life easier.
    5. NO-SPILL EDGES AND GRIPPED SURFACE | Unlike cheap, smooth plastic trays the TIpsi Tray is made from polyurethane with a rubberised coating meaning that items on the tray wont slip even while in motion. You can concentrate on where you are walking, holding a banister and see your feet on uneven ground. Available in 14 Inch (36cm) Diameter, 11 Inch (28cm) Diameter and 14 x 11 Inch (36 x 28cm) Rectangular.